88% of military officers say Bush has stretched military “dangerously thin”

No way. The republicans always tell us how much they love the military, as they’re cutting the VA’s budget and as Dick Cheney oversaw one of the biggest cuts in military spending in US history while he was Defense Secretary. From CNN:

The Iraq war has strained U.S. forces to the point where they could not fight another large-scale war, according to a survey of military officers.

U.S. troops patrol Haifa Street in Baghdad last week.

Of those surveyed, 88 percent believe the demands of the Iraq war have “stretched the U.S. military dangerously thin.”

On the other hand, 56 percent of the officers disagree that the war has “broken” the military.

Eighty percent of officers believe it is unreasonable to expect the U.S. military to wage another major war successfully at present.

Foreign Policy magazine and the Center for a New American Security on Tuesday issued the U.S. Military Index, a survey of 3,400 present and former U.S. military officers.

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