McCain is now gay-baiting

That didn’t take long. So much for our maverick. When the going gets tough, John McCain goes queer bashing. Note his adoption of the religious right buzz-phrase “special rights.” Considering McCain helped shoot down a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, I’m just curious how he defines “special rights.” McCain has always surrounding himself with gay men. Ever since I worked on the Hill in the late 80s, early 90s, McCain always had gay men on staff in senior positions. Openly gay men. Gay men who had no problem helping the gay rights movement. Gay men who people like McCain would call “gay activists.” McCain had zero problem helping powerful openly-gay men advance in Washington, DC. He currently has no problem employing them at the highest reaches of his campaign – the highest reaches – helping them work their “special rights” agenda in his campaign and beyond. But now we’re to believe that McCain suddenly has a problem with the gays and their “special rights.”

Mitt Romney isn’t the only GOP candidate playing games with their position on gays. McCain has been trying to have it both ways on gay issues for two decades now. Privately helping gay activists while publicly condemning them. There’s a reason that conservatives don’t trust McCain. He’s just a more refined version of Mitt Romney. Say one thing, do another.

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