Letter to the editor: Who can we really trust in Washington?

From time to time I’m going to publish (with permission) interesting emails I get from some of our readers. Here’s one.

I am sick of politicians not being clear about what their goals are for this country. I want someone to tell me how they are going to help me and actually follow through with their promises.

What a mess we have become. It is getting so hard for us in the middle. My husband works 60+ hours a week, I work doubles on the weekend. We barely make it. Sure we have health care, which is over 100 dollars a week out of my check, yet we still can’t afford to go to the doctor. Oh don’t get me started on the economy! We work ourselves to death, never making any more, yet the price of groceries has skyrocketed and gas, well frankly everything has gone up in price. It is pretty sad when you have to pass on feeding your family to pay your utilities, or pass going to the doctor because you can’t afford to take the time off work. I am sick of working myself to death so someone can get richer. I am sick of not having quality time with my family so someone can throw a 150,000 dollar party. I am sick of seeing the young men I know in the neighborhood going to die in some God forsaken country so someone can give more money to their rich friends.

Someone please tell me when will the corruption end and the fight for the people begin?

Greencastle, Indiana

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