GOP fears Obama’s bipartisan outreach

And they should. I have continually been impressed by how much independents and Republicans tell me they like Obama. Whether he can effectively run a presidency that reaches out to everyone is another question, but it’s clear that his message, and image, of being a post-partisan is working. And that could get him elected. I’m intrigued by the Washington Post’s analysis as to whether in fact Obama is “post-partisan.” They look at his voting record and say that he’s been very liberal. So is that the benchmark for being above partisanship, voting 50% for conservative legislation and 50% for liberal? In other words, be a Joe Lieberman and screw both sides equally? I don’t buy it. I think being above partisanship means you stick to your ideals but you’re not a jerk about it. You don’t exist to screw the other party. And you’re happy to work with the other party to reach a compromise that helps everyone. That doesn’t mean that half the time you vote for legislation that makes the American Conservative Union happy. I just find the Post’s definition of partisanship to be faulty and a bit simplistic to boot.

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