Global Democratic Primary for Americans living outside of US

As much as it pains me to give credit to the Democrats Abroad, at least the Paris group, this is pretty cool. The initial information that was sent out did not make it clear that this vote would actually count. We have to wait until the main election to send our ballots by registered mail or FedEx at our own expense and then have our votes shoved in to a remote closet, never to be viewed again. (Thanks to everyone in Washington for helping the millions of Americans abroad feel like we’re part of the process.)

Americans living outside of the US will be able to either vote online or in person and the votes will count at the convention in August. Click here to register with the Democrats Abroad or you can do it in person at your location between 5-12 February. Here is the list of where you can vote in person.

The worldwide election results will determine the 14 delegates who will join eight DNC members in Democrats Abroad’s delegation of 22 to the Democratic National Convention. These delegates will be elected at a combination of regional and global meetings held during early 2008. These meetings also provide an opportunity for Americans abroad to shape the party’s election platform.

Ah yes, they’re throwing in a few SuperDelegates to make sure we don’t vote for the “wrong” person. Even when they’re doing good, they’re doing bad.

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