Germans moving away from TV

Fewer viewers in 2007 compared to the previous year. With the worthless junk and endless commercials (that leave about five minutes of viewing in a thirty minute show) it’s no wonder people are looking elsewhere. There were discussions about this the other day in the comments, where some are also rejecting the system and just looking for a DVD or online when they want to watch something. It’s an archaic model that will die on the vine if it doesn’t modernize. There can be some good programs, but they’re often lost in the mix of junk piles.

Even with TV being included with my internet/phone service (€30/month for everything including unlimited land line calls around the world), we just stopped watching. We know others who have done the same because they too became fed up with the rubbish on offer. The TV networks became much too greedy with their commercials and mindless junk so they have no one else to blame besides themselves. Who could have imagined this change happening just a few years ago?

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