Galette des Rois

In France, it is customary for many to celebrate the Epiphany (Jan. 6) with the galette des rois, or king cake. I once met someone from Louisiana who celebrated the day with a special cake flown in from New Orleans which was different from what we eat in Paris/northern France though similar to what is eaten in the South. The southern version is more like brioche or fluffy cake. (France is a country that is divided between butter in the north and olive oil in the south.) This galette is made with plenty of butter and filled with frangipane, which is one of my favorites.

The person who receives the slice of galette which includes the “feve” or bean, is pronounced king or queen for the day. Typically friends will gather and share a glass of (hard) cider or Champagne together with the cake. Below are a few more photos including the king and the honor guard for the king… Sushi.

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