Basketball coach won’t cave to pressure from the ultra-conservative Archbishop of St. Louis

Looks like the Archbishop of St. Louis, the one who wanted to deny communion to John Kerry in 2004, has met his match. The basketball coach of St. Louis University, Rick Majerus, supports Hillary Clinton, a women’s right to choose and stem cell research. The Archbishop wants to quash him — and the coach is having none of it:

Majerus took a typically defiant stand in an interview published Thursday in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“These beliefs are ingrained in me,” Majerus told the paper. “And my First Amendment right to free speech supersedes anything that the archbishop would order me to do. My dad fought on Okinawa in World War II. My uncle died in World War II. I had classmates die in Vietnam. And it was to preserve our way of life, so people like me could have an opinion.”

Good answer.

I grew up Catholic, very Catholic — and it still annoys me every time one of the church’s hierarchy gets all sanctimonious and self-righteous about a social issue, but especially stem cell research. Their hands are dirty, really dirty — and many of the men who lead the church are rife with hypocrisy and double standards. To deny the science and promise of stem cell research is just dastardly and evil. The Archbishop may get his name in the media and on tv with this crazy talk, but does anyone take him seriously? He’s a caricature.

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