“We did better when (Bill) Clinton was in than we did with Bush.”

Words from a registered Republican. With new polls pointing towards the economy and health care as the key issues for 2008, the GOP is in trouble. Americans trust the Democrats more than the Republicans on these issues. The question now, is which Democrat do we believe will be the strongest candidate for these issues?

Six out of 10 people polled said they believe it is at least somewhat likely that the U.S. economy will enter a recession next year. Slightly more — 64 percent — said they worried about a major unexpected medical expense, and 55 percent worried that the value of their stocks and retirement investments would drop.
More on the middle class concerns, after the jump.

Forty-four percent said they were concerned that the value of their homes would decrease during the next six months. That sentiment was especially strong in the mountain states.

“Middle class America is being chipped away at,” said Edward Lemieux, a 57-year-old pattern maker from North Smithfield, R.I., who plans to support Obama for president.

His view is influenced by the flight of manufacturing jobs from his state, by the “For Sale” signs that outnumber the “Sold” signs on neighborhood lawns and by his mother’s health care needs.

“We’re all of a sudden becoming a country of rich and poor,” he said. “The middle class is eroding.”

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