THIS JUST IN: Bush kills children’s health insurance bill, again

Is this what Republicans really voted for? And does anyone really think the current crop of Republicans are going to be any different if they get into the White House? The GOP simply doesn’t stand for anything any more. That’s why a lot of us (me, Markos, Arianna), left the part long ago, and lots more are leaving today. It’s the reason far more people call themselves Democrats than Republicans when polled about their political allegiances. The Republicans have become the party of nasty old men who have nothing left to stand for. And the American people know it. But just in case they don’t, we have people like George Bush who are happy to constantly remind them.

More from AP:

President Bush vetoed legislation Wednesday that would have expanded government-provided health insurance for children, his second slap-down of a bipartisan effort in Congress to dramatically increase funding for the popular program….

Reid approached Bush to ask for negotiations during a ceremony for the Dalai Lama in the Capitol Rotunda in mid-October, a couple of weeks after Bush’s first SCHIP veto, he said. The president told Reid, “No, I’m not moving, meet with my staff,” Reid said at the time.

“The fact is that Senator Reid and Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi asked to meet with the president to discuss giving children the health care they need, and he blew them off by telling them to talk to his staff,” Manley said before the veto. “Now he’s going to veto it for a second time without negotiating once.”

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