Huckabee rape defense: BIll Clinton made me do it

That’s the Republican equivalent of the dog ate my homework. GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee spoke today at a press conference about the growing controversy over his role in releasing a convicted rapist who then went on to rape and murder two more women. Huckabee has been giving conflicting answers for days now about the incident, and today came up with a novel excuse: It’s Bill Clinton’s fault. Six times during the press conference Huckabee invoked Clinton’s name, trying to pin the blame on him for helping release the man who raped his cousin. Now, you can throw a lot of hurt at Bill Clinton, but suggesting that he’d help free the guy who raped his cousin, that’s pretty far out there even for the far-right Clinton haters. And in fact, Bill Clinton had recused himself from the case because the victim was his cousin.

But even if Bill Clinton helped Huckabee enable the rape and murder of two women (which he didn’t), that’s the best Huckabee can come up? Clinton helped me do it?

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