GOP Debate Open Thread

The final GOP debate of the year. These things are painful. Today’s event is really a contest to see which candidate can be the most despicable.

The debate is sponsored by Iowa Public Television and the Des Moines Register. CNN, Fox and C-SPAN3 have it live. Democrats are up tomorrow.

I’ll be watching the travesty and commenting along the way.

Ugh. It begins.

2:11 PM Hahaha…Alan Keyes appears. His extremism fits right in with this crowd.

2:13 PM Ron Paul: “We have an empire we can’t afford”

2:21 PM Still talking taxes. All want tax cuts, no sacrifice needed. All keep mentioning the excessive government programs, but no real concrete ideas what programs they’d cut. And, haven’t the Republicans controlled the government for most of this decade? Didn’t the Republicans keep funding all those programs these guys want to cut?

2:24 PM Duncan Hunter loves his border fence. He loves it. He can’t ever not talk about his border fence.

2:26 PM The Huckster always working in those biblical references. He can’t part the Red Sea, but can part the red tape. Huh? So he’s the Moses of Red Tape.

2:33 PM The candidates revolt: No show of hands. On a question of global climate change, no less. McCain says it’s real. How un-GOP of him. Giuliani agrees that it is real. Mitt says “absolutely” it’s a problem.

2:36 PM Keyes is insane. No question. Just totally insane.

2:37 PM Huckster uses the biblical terminology again with the “stewards of the earth” language. He is playing to his people.

2:38 PM Duncan Hunter is the quintessential GOP Butthead Congressman. He’s right out of central casting.

2:45 PM As if on cue, Duncan Hunter’s education plans are based on the movie “Stand and Deliver.”

2:46 PM Mitt is a bit testy with the moderator about time limits. And all of the sudden, Mitt touts Massachusetts. He says students in Massachusetts are “my fourth graders” and “my eighth graders.”

2:48 PM Alan Keyes is craaazzzy. He thinks the moderator is ignoring him. The moderator should be ignoring him. I’m not sure how he got on the stage, but he is stealing the show with his bizarre behavior.

2:55 PM This question about what these guys would do during their first year in office is irrelevant. None of them will ever be President.

2:59 PM If Thompson says he’ll tell the truth and restore credibility, he must think the current President, George Bush, doesn’t tell the truth and has no credibility.

3:03 PM Some real pandering to Iowans from Mitt. He’s smarmy.

3:07 PM Rudy gets a question about hiding the security detail money for his mistress. But, he’s going to be extremely open as President. He has an “open, transparent life.”

3:09 PM Keyes takes a swipe at Mitt for flip-flopping. Harsh to have to take a swipe from Keyes. Mitt isn’t sure he wants to respond, but reminds us that he used to be pro-choice. Mitt: I’m proud to be pro-life [now].

3:13 PM What’s up with these videos? They’re annoying.

3:14 PM Huckabee gets to deliver the biblical answer again…but this time he was specifically asked about his faith. Those passages really roll off his tongue.

3:20 PM McCain is a man of principle in his own mind.

3:21 PM New Year’s Resolutions? Weak.

It is over. No one really stood out today — except Alan Keyes.

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