For those wondering why Comcast is so expensive

And this is who some in Washington want to protect. Thanks for making the case on why we need competition. The family of Comcast founder Roberts will continue to receive his salary ($1.8 million/year) for five years after he dies. They already sit on the board of directors but that is just not enough. His wife will receive health and “welfare” benefits for life. Hmmm, I somehow can’t recall my mother receiving anything like that after my father died. Like millions of Americans, she had to find her own insurance since the old plan was canceled after my father died. She also lost his pension money, like many American spouses.

Tell me again why this company is coddled? I don’t know a single person outside of greedy politicians who like Comcast. They offer terrible service at high prices because politicians are desperate for campaign contributions. One could argue that sure, Roberts founded the company and can do as he pleases. Perhaps, if Comcast remained a private company, but this is a publicly traded business, not a personal empire. I didn’t think I could find Comcast any more despicable, but they managed to do it yet again.

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