Democrats who refuse to lead

There was an important post yesterday over at DailyKos that I wanted to share with you. In discussing the latest congressional Democratic cave over Iraq, Hunter notes the following: “It is crystal clear that the Congressional Democrats are divided and incapable at best, and incompetent at worst.” Yes and no. The problem goes much deeper than capability or competence. The current crop of Democrats don’t know how to fight. They’re afraid to fight, they’re incompetent at fighting, and they’re incapable of fighting because they don’t know how to fight. They think that issuing a press release with the right talking points is fighting back. They think that holding a simple press conference on the Hill will generate a news story. And they think that a single, or even a week’s worth, of news stories is a victory. They simply do not understand what the Republicans all know too well – how to take a story, a theme, and jam it down your opponents’ throats for weeks, if not months, if not years, on end. To a Democrat, if you get a blurb in the Washington Post, one day, that’s a public relations victory. To a Republican, once that blurb is repeated every day for 30 years then they declare victory.

The current crop of Democrats and their consultants and the non-profit advocacy groups in town have no idea how to fight like a Republican, how to fight to win. It’s not just a lack of will, a lack of backbone, they quite literally don’t know how to fight, so when they do rarely fight back, and lose because it was done so poorly, the lesson they take away isn’t that they need to learn how to fight better, but rather, they think they lost because they fought back. And it will get them nowhere until they realize that they don’t know what they’re doing, and others do.

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