After saying “no Muslims need apply,” Romney now giving speech on “religious freedom”?

Romney is a flip-flopping, two-faced, hypocritical liar. There aren’t words strong enough to describe what a disingenuous, deceitful politician Romney is. This latest flip-flop, on religion, is part of an ongoing pattern with Romney ever since he decided he wanted to be president. You’ll recall that only a few years ago Romney was pro-choice, pro-gay, and anti-gun. Now he’s the opposite on every single thing he ever believed in. And we’re seeing the same inconsistencies on his positions on religion. Romney was private about his religion, about religion in general, until he decided he wanted to run for president. At that time, he decided he wanted to woo the far right of the Republican party. To do that, he needed to pretend that he was a far-right Republican, rather than the liberal Democrat he truly is. So, Romney became a raging Christian and a raging Muslim-hater, as both of those have traction in the far-right of the GOP. And that’s where Romney’s Muslim-bashing comments of last week came from – Romney probably doesn’t care whether or not there are Muslims in his cabinet. But he knows that much of the GOP cares, so he’s just making stuff up at this point, trying to pretend that he’s intolerant towards Islam in order to get some chits.

Only problem? You can’t give a speech about being an oppressed religious minority in America only 5 days after you oppress another religious minority in America. Romney can’t tell us that the religion of his cabinet is relevant but the religion of the cabinet’s president isn’t. It just doesn’t work that way. Either a candidate for high office’s religion is relevant or its not. This week Romney is going to tell us that it’s not, though I suspect he’s also going to try to con everyone into thinking that Mormonism IS Christianity, so at the same time he’s telling us to ignore his religion he’s going to be telling us that he’s a bigger Christian than we are and that that is the reason we should vote for him. In other words, Romney is going to try to have it both ways this week, lying all the way. So what else is new? More from Soren.

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