Saudis defending whipping raped woman for “crime” of being in a car with an unrelated male relative

They’re barbaric. A backwards, barbaric country that has far too much power for its 12th century maturity. Had we bothered investing in alternative energy right after September 11 we’d have a chance to start, eventually, decreasing the stranglehold that barbarians like the Saudis, the Iranis, Chavez in Venezuela and more have over our nation. Instead, we’re wedded to these loons now more than ever (and oil is now hitting $100/barrel). Enough is enough, the madness needs to stop. In addition to faulting Bush, Cheney and the Republicans, who wouldn’t dare help America become energy independent lest it hurt their corporate buddies in the oil industry, I fault the enviro groups and the pro-Israel lobby for not doing more following September 11 (and the invasion of Iraq) to take advantage of the growing national consensus that our ties to Middle Eastern oil countries are harming rather than helping America. We had a chance to do something about this, and the groups, like (liberal) groups always do, dropped the ball.

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