National ID card, anyone?

In light of the massive personal data loss by the British government, plans for a national ID card are obviously now in question. Remember when ID cards were the answer to our 9/11 problems? Yikes.

Of course, just think about the current situation where Condi’s State Department bungled the US passport processing program with outrageous delays. Who knows what happened with standard procedures during that time when the backlog became months of waiting? Even when there’s no backlog, just look at what has happened at the federal level not to mention countless states. We don’t even need to talk about the corporate losses either, which are even worse.

A year ago, Hillary talked about a privacy bill of rights and as quickly as it emerged, it disappeared again. I don’t know if the quietness on the Democratic side has anything to do with ties to the likes of Acxiom or other businesses that manage, manipulate and lose data on millions of people, but it’s worrying that none of the major candidates have announced serious plans.

If there have already been data losses of 219 million individual records (again, could be some overlap) in the US, that means the majority of Americans have been negatively impacted. What is it going to take to hear the Democrats discuss the issues? Today, Americans don’t trust the GOP on the issue and believe they will not do anything. Instead of stupid discussions about where someone lived until age 10, how about some substance?

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