Marriott bans AMERICAblog in Chicago too

You’ll recall that yesterday we found out that a Marriott hotel in New Jersey was banning AMERICAblog from its business center computers because our site has used the word “lesbian” in our reporting on gay issues. I just got from the following note from a reader alleging that we’re banned in other Marriott hotels as well:

John, I stay at the Marriott Fairfield Inn, downtown Chicago and the Marriott Courtyard Inn downtown Chicago about once a month. They always have Americablog blocked. I was in Concord N.H. last month at a Hampton Inn, and they had Americablog blocked as well, I believe they are part of the Hilton network of hotels. Just thought you would wan’t to know.

This is the kind of issue GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign should be jumping on. It’s not just about AMERICAblog, it’s about every Web site on the Internet that ever mentions gays and lesbians. The religious right understands these kind of issues, how they are so much more important than just the single incident. Hopefully our side does as well.

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