Boeing spying on workers

Since the Democratic candidates all said last night that “the right to privacy” is a paramount concern of each and every one of them, I’m sure we’ll see those same candidates all over this story. Ha! Made myself laugh.

Anyway, the Seattle PI has done some great reports on Boeing including whistle-blowers who have felt the full wrath of Boeing. The latest is a report on spying efforts on employees including reading personal emails and videotaping employees outside of the office. Part of the problem in Washington is that there are few laws available that protect employees and whistle-blowers.

Within its bowels, The Boeing Co. holds volumes of proprietary information deemed so valuable that the company has entire teams dedicated to making sure that private information stays private.

One such team, dubbed “enterprise” investigators, has permission to read the private e-mails of employees, follow them and collect video footage or photos of them. Investigators can also secretly watch employee computer screens in real time and reproduce every keystroke a worker makes, the Seattle P-I has learned.

Companies have a full right to protect corporate information though this is going much too far.

It also raises the interesting dynamics of the so-called “Millennials” as 60 Minutes are others are calling them. Considering what the incoming generation has witnessed in their own households, is it any wonder they are telling the corporate world that the old rules simply don’t work for them? The Baby Boomers are so full of sour grapes with the young crowd who are demanding balance between work and their personal life and why not? If this is the best the corporate world can deliver, why should this new generation knock themselves out? Hats off to the Millennials and their attitudes and more power to them.

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