Airport security scenes that don’t instill confidence

The problem wasn’t that the women running the x-ray at O’Hare wasn’t paying attention – in fact, she was doing a very good job. The problem was that the poor woman was having to hold up a plastic tray to block the sun from hitting her monitor, lest it apparently wash out the evidence of any bombs, guns, or other off-limits materials that potential terrorists might try to sneak on board a plane. It just kind of creeped me out that with all the money we’ve spent on Homeland Security (a department that is in serious need of a name change when the Democratic president takes over) simple sunlight could cause such problems, and that the woman was forced to use a make-shift solution that was probably tiring her arm out after a few minutes and thus making her less attentive to the monitor (what, O’Hare couldn’t get a maintenance person to put some paper over the window?) Hopefully shining a little sunlight on the situation will get the folks at Homeland Security to pay a little attention next time.

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