After cutting veterans’ benefits, and quite literally leaving vets to die at Walter Reed, Bush says Dems are bad on vets’ issues and he’s the hero

Bush fails our vets repeatedly, the Dems refuse to call him on it publicly in any kind of coordinated way, so Bush turns around and blames Dems for the very problems he’s caused and they’re trying to fix. We begged the Dems, publicly and privately, to jump all over the vets’ issue, and they didn’t. Just add it to the litany of issues – from privacy to Osama – that the Dems have repeatedly dropped the ball on.

I swear, the Democrats deserve every single bit of pain they get. They’re absolutely useless. Heads need to roll in this party, bad. The current crop of members, leaders, and consultants have no idea, nor desire, to fight back. They deserve to lose. A serious, serious bloodletting is needed in our party. Now.

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