What ever happend to compassion in America?

Everyone understands that organizations need the people they hire, but c’mon, this is absurd. When people are in times of need, is throwing them on the street really the only option? Is this where we want to be as a nation?

Tremul, 50, learned that lesson while working for the City of Manassas in May 2006, when a doctor told her she had breast cancer. She had worked as an emergency communications specialist, directing calls for the fire and police departments for 12 years. But July 26 this year, after going on long-term disability while she underwent seven surgeries and chemotherapy, Tremul received a letter in the mail terminating her employment. With her job went her health and life insurance benefits, she said.

“You don’t cut someone off at the knees when they’re sick. And that’s what they did,” Tremul said. “I was fired for having cancer.”

Being diagnosed with cancer or another life threatening illness can happen to anyone whether they are rich or poor, Democrat or Republican, Senator or fireman. Do we really want to be a country who lacks compassion like this?

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