Reader mail on Obama’s embrace of anti-gay bigot McClurkin. It ain’t pretty.

As you know, Democratic presidential candidate has chosen an outspoken anti-gay bigot, Donnie McClurkin, to lead a fundraising concert for him in the south. When confronted with rising outrage in the gay community over Obama embracing, and showcasing, a man who has declared “war” on gay Americans and who thinks gays need to be “cured,” Obama responded by saying that he abhors anti-gay bigotry, but if wishing away the existence of an entire minority in America can earn him a few bucks and a few votes, the gays can kiss his ass. Here are the reactions of several of you:

If hillary (or any other white candidate) invited a well known bigot to a campaign fundraising event, I can only imagine the backlash and repurcussions they would suffer because of it. I realize he is trying to appeal to some the conservative religious base, but this is unnacceptable. He won’t get my vote.
ndtovent |

Obama’s done in my book. What kind of Democrat who believes in equaliy for all travels with and hires for his ‘entertainment’ a homophobic jerk? So I guess his audaciously hopeful for ya as long as you’re straight? What a phony.
Clevelandchick |

Kiss my money and my vote goodbye!
If I want to be marginalized, treated like a criminal, etc, I’ll look to the republicans.
MajorD |

Just tore my Obama sticker off my bumper.
Olivia |

What a piece of shit attitude for him to take. Glad he’s off my list, he is no longer relevant AFAIC. Just another bigot in the DC lineup…. Obama COULD have been endorsed by any number of bigots and I wouldn’t think twice about it. However, had sHillary trotted Mayberry out on the tour with her, I’d be pissed as hell. Since obama can’t seem to find any other gospel singer to go on tour with him, then I see no need to give him my vote.
rikc |

Obama is a con man because on the one hand he strongly disagrees with McClurkin’s views but doesn’t take any responsible action. On the other hand he states a lot of rhetoric about equal rights to cover his true ideology. All talk, but no action, makes him a liar!
Pastor Man |

Stick a fork in him…

Obama is the biggest disappointment of the election. He is being handled by the strategist who as always, are screwing things up. Good bye campaign. It is all over for them.
gonzalez |

When you have someone on stage raising money for you, they are representing you. Obama could have gotten a multitude of people who were squeeky clean to sing for his tour! BUT he did not, he got Donnie, who has openly declared war on gays. How do I know that Obama does not believe this way? Because he says so? Or by his actions that I see? I see a gay basher on stage, and that is what I have in my hand!
dave i. )O( |

Maybe Obama’s campaign should be asked if they are going to invite other agents of intolerance. I mean they have a gay basher in their next event what’s next David Duke doing the Obama for Israel drive?
DKarma |

Obama just made a big mistake, clearly desperate to catch up to Clinton, he’s rejecting gays in order to pander to religious bigots. And you can be darned well sure Obama and his supporters would be screaming a different story if it were Clinton cozying up to a white supremacist…
Mike H. |

I did not think I would be trying to remove the bus tire marks off my clothes this early in the campaign. Silly me.
Angela Channing |

Mr. Obama’s actions are speaking volumes over his words. His arrogance in dismissing our point of view over a crusading bigot who thinks we need fixing and is at war with us, tells gays and lesbians where we rank among his priorities. I think he is toast and now, it may be too late to change his position for it to do anything for him.
Butch |

JA, I don’t agree with several of your political positions, but I’m with you all the way on this one. Couple it with his pandering to evangelicals in general and…X on Obama. That’s two down.
mirth |

This really irks me. Really. I had pretty much settled on Obama come primary time. I was planning on voting for him regardless of how well he was doing at the time….
I had a few reservations about him, but then, I have reservations about all of ’em!
This “ex-gay” crap is unconscionable, though. I mean, Wot. Teh. Hellz?…. This “ex-gay” dude is likening gays to a disease! Nice. And, he wants to effing cure us!! Or, go to war against us. Or something. Obama doth protest too much! I’m not voting for anyone who willingly associates with such a person. Hell, I won’t even vote to re-elect him to the senate if he keeps this shit up.
Marq |

So I guess Obama doesnt have a chance in my book. Why doesnt he just hang out with the Cheney family hypocrits and all the Bathroon-Crazed Republican self-hating gays.
Corey Mondello |

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Fuck you, Obama. Yeah, FUCK YOU! Now he’s acting as though he doesn’t even know about the actions of his staff. If he doesn’t know what is going on in his campaign then he shouldn’t even RUN for president, let alone be elected as one.
Dom |

Obama wants to have it both ways – court the homophobic black vote and also be pro-gay. Politicians have no ethics by definition.
G. |

I’ve always had a suspicion and feeling that Obama internally was basically anti-gay and this generally proves that. However, he has one more chance, I’ll withhold final verdict until I see his statement on this issue of this homophobe McClurkin. If he keeps this creep on his tour of SC, then it’s over for my support of him, ever.
Jim-n-Alpharetta |

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