Just in time for Christmas

More lead in toys for kids. China keeps coming up but while that’s to be noted, the real problem continues to be big companies that don’t mind selling for a premium, but are uninterested in premium testing or modern product management that traces the process from creation to production and into the market.

Retailers and manufacturers have stepped up product testing, as high levels of lead can cause brain damage in children.

“We screened products from stores and consumers’ homes in the New York metropolitan area using home lead testing kits and an X-ray fluorescence analyzer,” the magazine article reads.

Consumers Union said some of the products it tested included a Fisher-Price blood pressure cuff from a toy medical kit, caps from seven Elmer’s Glue Sticks and some duck-shaped backpacks.

“We detected the highest concentration of total lead, more than 10,000 parts per million, in a cuff that a child had regularly played with for the past two years,” the group wrote.

The caps were on glue sticks decorated with cartoon characters and were all orange colored, the group added.

“What we envision is that a child will pull the cap off with their teeth will potentially chew on it,” Donald Mays, who heads product safety planning for the group, said in a telephone interview.

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