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I wanted to give folks an update on where we are for AMERICAblog 2.0, i.e., rebuilding this blog bigger and better. As you know, the fundraising took place while I was abroad, so I waited until I got back, four weeks ago, to get rolling on production. We already had the new home page, and general site, design done, so that’s good. I’ve now got the developer picked out who will build the back-end of the site (i.e, the real guts of the site, the stuff that makes it function). And that means I’m at the most tedious, nerve-wracking (for me at least) part of the process – going through each page of the new site and listing every single detail of functionality that each page will have, and where it will have it. I loathe this part of the process because it can be difficult to come up with all the details you need before you build it – e.g., what exactly goes on the user bio page, what information do we solicit, and how do we want it laid out? After I finish those lists, then I hand them over to the developer who will actually build the guts of the site – the brain, as it were. Then we make any last minute tweaks to the html to ensure the new guts of the site actually fit the template we already have designed. Then we test, then we launch. It’s going to be a few months getting through all of this.

Anyway, just wanted to give a status check. In the meantime, the $20,000 in donations are still sitting in my PayPal account because I wanted to be able to say, and prove, that I’m not spending your donations on trips to Spain. :-)

So thanks again, and stay tuned.


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