September 11, 2001

Are we really any safer today, after all the “hard work” of the Bush Admin? Is the world a better place after invading Iraq, where there were no WMD or terrorists before 9/11?

Take a look these pro-surge propaganda ads by former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer’s pro-Iraq war outfit Freedom’s Watch (complete with an eagle on its front web page), they conflate Iraq with terrorism and 9/11 with a “They attacked us before — and they will attack us again if we leave Iraq” message. Ads like this are running here in NC.

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I took these grainy pictures of the WTC with my low-tech Palmpix camera on July 11, 2001, while on a business trip. They weren’t the best quality and I almost deleted them at the time. I actually retrieved them from the very full trash folder on my hard drive that morning on 9/11 after hearing what happened.

NOTE FROM JOHN: To me, September 11 will always be the day that I sat in Washington, DC, watching the smoke from the Pentagon float across the horizon outside my living room window, wondering if the entire world was at war, while George Bush ran away and hid for the entire day. It will be the day that ABC’s Peter Jenning, rightfully, three hours after the attacks, had to ask the White House, on the air, to consider letting us know that Bush was still alive and in control of the country:

“I don’t mean to say this in melodramatic terms, but where is the President of the United States?” Jennings wondered aloud when he realized that Air Force One should have already landed outside Washington, DC. “Pretty soon the country needs to know where he is.”

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