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Sorry to once again “preach to the choir.” But just moments ago it was brought to my attention that conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh once again issued an unforgivable insult to those who disagree with his neoconservative philosophy of blind loyalty to George W. Bush’s needless war in Iraq.

Limbaugh boldly stated that any troops who call for a withdrawal of troops in Iraq are “phony soldiers.”

Not that long ago he made a similar comment about Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, a decorated Vietnam veteran, who has been a long time critic of George W. Bush’s reckless Iraq policy. Limbaugh called Hagel “Senator Betray Us.”

Surprise, Surprise – there was no outburst in Congress over that remark.

Back to the point –

As an Iraq war veteran who is strongly opposed to this war I am beyond words with this Bush administration mouthpiece Limbaugh who has no clue as to what he is talking about.

People like Limbaugh, who never wore the uniform, never seen combat, and who would never have the courage or the intestinal fortitude to put their own body where their rhetoric is have no right whatsoever to criticize combat veterans who express dissent toward a war that they actually had the courage to fight.

In my perfect world, Limbaugh would be out there right now in Baghdad, in the 120 degree heat, in full “battle rattle” with a an infantry unit getting a dose of what he is advocating for – and I would bet the farm that once he returned he would have a whole different perspective on what war really is. However, I’m not that lucky.

All in all, Limbaugh has absolutely no respect for veterans as far as I’m concerned. He loves to regurgitate Bush’s main talking point for Iraq of “where fighting for freedom.”

Well with this latest stunt by Limbaugh he obviously has no regard for freedom or those who fight for it. Unless of course you agree with his methodology of total lunacy.


John Bruhns
Iraq War Veteran
Legislative Representative
Americans Against Escalation In Iraq

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