More hypocrisy from our fearless Commander in Chief

As you have all heard by now W made a surprise visit to Iraq – allegedly to speak directly with Iraqi leaders and get a “no BS” first hand report on the progress of the political reconciliation between the warring factions.

Even more surprising to me is that W also met with Sunni tribal leaders in the Anbar province. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that the Sunni tribes were attacking U.S. troops prior to our recent “handshake” deal in which they are now supposedly helping us fight Al-Qaeda and the insurgency in Anbar.

I remember speaking with Congressman Tom Davis about our current policy of amnesty to those who have killed Americans in Al Anbar. While Congressman Davis called it “distasteful” he also believes it’s necessary. Maybe it is – I don’t know.

What I can say is that as an Iraq war veteran, who is very much opposed to the war, I’m totally appalled that W continues to say that we have to fight Al-Qeada and the insurgency in Iraq in order to prevent them from attacking us here at home. While at the same time he goes over to Iraq and meets personally with Sunni tribal leaders who have the blood of American troops on their hands. And to add insult to injury W shook their hands.

W loves to say that if we set a deadline for troop withdrawal from Iraq the insurgents just have to wait us out, take over, then follow us home. What message is W sending to the insurgents by telling them that we will forgive them for killing American troops as long as they give us their word that they will stop doing it and befriend us.

Does this man have any honor? Does he have any shame? The answer is NO. Furthermore, W has forfeited his right to hide behind the troops as he has done since the start of this war.

Whether or not the policy is necessary, W owes an explanation to the loved ones of the troops killed in Anbar as to why those who have killed them have been forgiven instead of using the same Iraq war promo of “we have to fight them there so we don’t have to fight them here.”

John Bruhns
Iraq Veteran

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