Facebook bans photo of woman breastfeeding her kid, yet okay with groups promoting anorexia

You see, a woman can only post a photo of herself breastfeeding her child if the entire breast isn’t visible in the photo. 99% of the breast is okay, but a full breast is apparently highly offensive to the folks at Facebook. Apparently the mommy-bloggers are none too happy about this. I tend to agree. Oh, and just to make things more interesting, Facebook has no problem playing host to 350 pro-Anorexia groups that not only encourage anorexia, but actually provide tips on how young girls can starve themselves to death.

Facebook is fine with providing a how-to guide to anorexia, but not okay with moms breastfeeding their kids. How long until this story hits the national news? More from my friend David who is dogging this fight. The previous link has David’s back and forth with Facebook on this issue. And this link is his earlier post giving you more background on the story.

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