Dear Larry Craig (R-Sodomy)

Please, Senator Craig. Stay in the Senate and make my day. Prove to the religious right that the Republicans only pay lip service (oops) to all their talk about family values. We’re not just talking about you “possibly” being gay. We’re not just talking about you “possibly” having gay sex. We’re talking about you “possibly” cruising public toilets in order to have sex with anonymous men who, for all you know, could have been 12 year old boys (are you sure none of them were underage boys – I mean, how would you know if you never saw their faces?). Now that’s family values chutzpah for a guy who claims to be a conservative Republican.

Please, Senator Craig, stay in the Senate. I don’t have a problem with you if you’re gay. I have a wide stance on gays in the Congress – hell, I’d love to finally have an openly gay Senator – and all the better that he’s a conservative Republican. I also don’t have a problem with you if you’re finding consensual adult outlets for your sexual desires. I do, however, have a problem with you bashing gays and lecturing others on morality while “possibly” trolling for gay sex in public toilets (something that doesn’t just make you gay, it makes you uber-gay). You don’t get to bash gays by day then suck up to them by cover of darkness.

Stay in the Senate, Senator Craig, and every time you or one of your Republican buddies in the Congress or in the religious right hate groups tries to talk about gays, or family values, or any other kind of moral judgment, we’re going to be talking about GOP Senators who give blowjobs to anonymous men (and boys?) in public toilets. You’re the best thing to happen since Mary Cheney.

So seriously, Senator Craig, where do we contribute to your defense fund?

PS I can already see the protests following you around the Hill and your home town now. People tossing toilet paper in the air, like a Rocky Horror midnight show. Oh, trust me, this is going to be fun.

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