What will Mitt say about Larry Craig?

Larry Craig, up until a short while ago, served as a co-senate liaison for the Mitt Romney campaign. Here is what a Mitt mouthpiece, Matt Rhoades, announced.

“Senator Craig has stepped down from his role with the campaign. He did not want to be a distraction and we accept his decision.”

Sidney Smith, a Craig aide in Boise, said Monday afternoon that the senator was “in the (Boise) area” but was declining to give interviews.

Mitt’s campaign is backing away as fast as it can from the potty-sex Senator. Take a look at Mitt’s YouTube page scrub job. He had a video of Craig lauding the former Massachusetts governor, but you can no longer play the video. Click the link on the page — it goes nowhere. And look at the direct YouTube page (screenshot below, click to enlarge).


What a blast from the past — a vintage Larry Craig denial:


ABC News report from 1982 — Rep. Larry Craig issues a preemptive denial regarding any involvement in a congressional sex and drug scandal.

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[NOTE: If you can believe this, the initial Craig post on the Blend was linked to by PerezHilton and it’s swamped the server.]

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