The pathology of the closet

WingNutDaily denizens on Craig…see, it’s all about the sex in the minds of these folks. These GOP closet cases who cannot reconcile their carnal desires with their desired orientation (“straight”) are the real problem.

What do you think of Sen. Larry Craig’s arrest on restroom-sex allegations?

He took no questions at that presser, and declared that “I am not gay. I never have been gay.” Hey, he could be telling the truth — maybe he’s bi. Or, as many guys on the down low believe — they are heterosexual men who just have sex with men from time to time.

OK, boyz, if you’ve diddled with Sen. Craig in a washroom, he’s apparently daring you to come forward.


When a pol gets booted from the closet, some are not closeted in their social circles mind you; their friends, staffers and colleagues know of the person’s orientation. It’s clear the rumors were swirling about Craig, but it doesn’t appear at this point that he was socially out.

The ones who are socially out, simply are just not politically/professionally out, they choose to lie by omission because it suits their day jobs sucking up to the likes of the Christian Coalition. We’re not only talking about elected officials. This closet is full of campaign managers, fundraisers and legislators in the corridors of power, ready to elect homophobic officials with homo-hating tactics, and pass anti-gay measures, even as they enjoy homosexual activities themselves under the cover of anonymity.

These folks are addicted to access and power, and know that publicly kicking the closet door open will jeopardize that power in the gay-hating, gay-baiting wing of the GOP that currently rules the roost.

However, there is a subset of these hypocrites that are truly self-loathing homosexuals — the Larry Craigs of the world — cruising for homo-sex in the shadows, hating themselves the next day and atoning for their “sin” by casting votes against taxpaying citizens that choose to live their lives honestly and openly. As long as their anti-gay boss treats them well personally, it doesn’t matter that they work together to deny civil rights to LGBT citizens.

As I’ve said before, they all need to be exposed because some of them are clearly unfit to lead, particularly those that fall in the latter category; I think those folks will never see the light.

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