Susan Collins up to her old dirty tricks

I was going to write a post about another example of the hypocrisy of Susan Collins, but Christy Hardin Smith already nailed it perfectly with the line “Oh, hypocrisy. Thy name is Sen. Susan Collins.” Oh, yes it is.

Christy linked to a column in Maine Coast News about Ms. Collins titled “The senator who cried wolf.” The column is causing quite a buzz in Maine political circles. Back in 1996 during her first campaign for Senate, Susan, with the help of a reporter at the Bangor Daily News, made a big story out of nothing. Her opponent back then was doing opposition research — and Susan claimed to be outraged, just outraged. Imagine a Republican being shocked that a campaign is doing oppo research. But, she played the people of Maine in 1996.

Collins is already up to her old tricks in 2007. As we wrote last week, she was already freaking out because someone was filming her in public. This time, thanks to Steve Betts at Maine Coast News (and quite a few bloggers), she’s already getting busted for her hypocritical dirty tricks:

Every campaign does research. The political public background of candidates should be scrutinized. No one was looking at her private life, just public documents.

The Collins campaign is pulling out its yellowed playbook again in 2007 because it wants to obscure her dismal record, particularly on marching lockstep with President George W. Bush on the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq.

A story at the top of Tuesday’s Bangor Daily News was headlined “Collins to Allen: Call off tracker.” The subhead was “Senator miffed by videography.”

Nowhere in the story does it include the history of Collins’ prior plot to divert attention from her record by attacking the integrity of her opponent.

In reality this time, a 21st century researcher used a video camera to tape Collins on public property as she marched in a parade in Stockton Springs. What makes her cooked-up claim of indignation so laughable is that the Collins’ campaign also had someone taking pictures of the parade. Their photos include ones of the video researcher.

This whole matter raised by the Collins campaign would be laughable if not for her prior campaign’s checkered past.

Collins may be right in her tactic, however. Some media members have short memories.

But in reality, she is the senator who cried wolf.

Susan Collins is going to lose in 2008 — and she knows it. That’s why she’s freaking out already. She cast her lot with George Bush time after time after time.

The days when Collins could snow people by getting one reporter to write a false and misleading story are over. It’s a whole new political world — and Susan isn’t ready for it.

Help defeat Susan Collins. Contribute to Tom Allen. It will be money well spent (and don’t forget that Joe Lieberman has already endorsed Collins.)

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