Open thread: Craig news conference coming up at 4:30 PM ET

ABC News is reporting that Larry Craig will hold a press conference this afternoon. The local fundies are calling for his head.

His future in doubt, allies denouncing his behavior and former staffers voicing disbelief at his arrest, Senator Larry Craig, R-Idaho, is expected to hold a press conference this afternoon that may answer questions about his political future.

…”If the accusations are true, then we think that he needs to resign,” Bryan Fischer, the executive director of the Idaho Values Alliance told “We believe that character is an important qualification for public service and we believe if these accounts are true, then the Senator conduct has fallen short of what we should expect from public officials.”

So, what do you think Craig’s going to say? Will he be: 1) insanely defiant (a la Bob Allen), 2) resign, 3) say he’s heading to the nearest ex-gay or booze rehab facility/found Jesus?

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