Larry Craig defended DADT in letter to constituent after sex sting guilty plea

[UPDATE: CREW has filed an ethics complaint with the Senate ethics committee against Craig, calling for an investigation into whether the senator violated the Senate Rules of Conduct for his restroom sexual foray.]

It just keeps getting better and better. This is just pathetic. Just days after his guilty plea for cruising an undercover officer in the mens room of the Minneapolis airport, Larry Craig wrote a constituent a letter propping up the ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military.

Steve Ralls at The Frontlines:

In what could be called another of Craig’s “he said/he said situations,” the Senator corresponded with a constituent (and SLDN supporter) earlier this month about why he’d never support repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” In the August 17 letter to his constituent, Craig wrote that, “The armed forces exist to wage war. It is unacceptable to risk the lives of American soldiers and sailors merely to accommodate the sexual lifestyles of certain individuals.” He also noted that, “I don’t believe the military should be a place for social experimentation.”

No, that’s what train station and airport loos are for, huh, Larry?

Read the letter here.


But wait, there’s more: Craig once helped boot GOP senator for sexual harassment.

When the ethics committee voted to boot Bob Packwood from the Senate for lewd sexual harassment in 1995, Sen. Larry Craig lamented the difficult decision, but called it “the right one.”

After Packwood resigned the next day, Craig, then a member of the Senate ethics committee, shared a tearful embrace with his former colleague.

“One particularly poignant moment came during an exchange between Packwood and Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, a member of the Ethics panel,” Edwin Chen reported in the Los Angeles Times Sept. 8, 1995. “Afterward, they shook hands and hugged one another. Then Craig began sobbing and quickly strode into the GOP cloakroom, his hands covering his face.”

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