Dianne Feinstein votes to confirm anti-gay anti-black bigot judge, saves nomination from certain death

Feinstein just voted to confirm a judge who thinks children should be removed from gay parents. And she wonders why so many Democrats hate her.

Republican supporters of Leslie Southwick had a huge victory today when a moderate Democrat, Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California broke with her party to vote for the Mississippi judge’s nomination to the federal bench.

Feinstein had been heavily lobbied by the nominee and Mississippi Sens. Thad Cochran and Trent Lott, both Republicans, as well as the White House.

Oh, well the White House and Trent Lott, two of the biggest bigots in political Washington, lobbied for it. Well that’s different. I mean, who can say no to George Bush and Trent Lott?

Seriously, she actually cannot fathom why so many people on the left are mean to her. Well, here’s a thought. Because far too often she votes like a far-right nutjob. I remember when I was at the Children’s Defense Fund ten years ago. We always, ALWAYS, had to beat up on Feinstein because she was always voting the wrong way when it came to America’s children. But Jesus Christ, you’d think the former mayor of San Francisco would appreciate why she shouldn’t vote for an anti-gay bigot. But you’d be wrong. (Oh, and the nominee is also kinda racist too.)

Diane Feinstein is Joe Lieberman in drag, far too often.

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