Bush’s Brain

Yesterday morning, I watched David Gregory’s interview on Meet The Press with Bush’s brain, Karl Rove.

As difficult as it was for some to sit through, it wasn’t for me.

For the last 6 1/2 years it has been a rarity that I’ve heard a word uttered from Rove.

The most I’ve heard came from the teary eyed exchange between him and W at a recent press conference where Rove announced his plan to depart his beloved President.

I reluctantly admit – Sunday morning I was fascinated.

As I listened and hung on every word it all made so much sense to me – the myth is true, W is Karl Rove’s creation.

I always knew that W is incapable of thinking for himself. I mean come on – he can barely complete a coherent sentence. But I was always unsure of who exactly makes W tick. After hearing Rove speak this morning I’m convinced he is the one.

Rove dominated the interview with his views on Iraq, the Republican party, the past four elections , and the CIA leak scandal. He even gave us a brief display of his testiness when Gregory asked him questions he didn’t like.

And for those who didn’t know just how long Rove has been in the game, we even got look at a skinny & long-haired Rove from 1972 talking politics with Dan Rather.

For me the highlight of the interview occurred when Rove compared W’s failures in Iraq to casualties we sustained in WW2 when FDR made the decision to battle the Nazis in North Africa and to fight on the shores of Italy. I realized then and there that Rove has probably been giving W his talking points all along. Plus the fact that Rove is so smart he’s stupid. Not to mention the total insult to the memory of FDR by comparing him to W.

Luckily for us Rove will leave the White House at the end of the month. However, it would be very naive to think he is out of the picture. For W, Rove will most likely just be a phone call away, readily available to give more bad advice on how W can continue to incompetently run the country.

I can’t give all the credit to Rove. There have been so many moving parts in this engine. Cheney, Condi, Rummy, Libby, Card, Wolfowitz, and my apologies to any other war mongering chickenhawks I left out.

I’m hoping that Rove’s departure is the beginning of a new era. I think we are long overdue for the neoconservative ideology in our government to join the dinosaurs in extinction.

John Bruhns
Take A Stand

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