Brownback Keeps Attacking Mitt-Flop

Republican Presidential candidate Sam Brownback refuses to back off his attacks on Mitt Romney, saying that the facts on Romney’s pro-choice credentials are clear. Normally, Republican spats don’t interest me, but this is one to watch for two reasons.

First, Romney is trying to weasel out of positions he stated publicly. Flip-Flopping was the weapon of choice used against John Kerry in 2004, and it was effective because the Republicans never let up on it. It will be interesting to see if it works as well in a Republican primary.

Second, and of most interest, is that Brownback is making these attacks via internet video . I think we will see a lot more of candidates traded charges over the internet, not just on television. This is an early test of whether the internet is an effective place to make campaign attacks, and so it bears watching.

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