American Family Association tries its hand at Muslim fear-baiting

This is from OneNewsNow, the fundie news aggregation site of the American Family News Network, one of the many tentacles of Don and Tim Wildmon’s “Christianist” gay-bashing American Family Association:

Michigan city could become first in U.S. under Muslim control.

Doesn’t it make you visualize 9/11 terrorists overrunning the municipal government, taking hostages? The news is actually more mundane.

A Detroit-area newspaper says the results of Tuesday’s primary could lead to Hamtramck, Michigan, becoming the first city council in the U.S. to be controlled by Muslims.

The Detroit News says there are four Muslims in the Tuesday primary. If they are among the candidates who win and go on to run in the November election, they would have a chance to join a fifth Muslim who already sits on the six-member council and is up for re-election in 2009.

Democracy in action and religious diversity are apparently too threatening for the AFA, an organization that former staff attorney Joe Murray said in his interview with me, harbors anti-Catholic views as well, despite fundraising appeals to the conservative Catholic demographic: “During a weekly mandatory devotional at AFA, one top AFA executive made the statement that Catholics were not Christians (being a Catholic? this was news to me).”

He also noted:

[W]hile in the south my Christianity was constantly challenged by employees at AFA, as well as folks in the South. There is a belief among some fundamentalist Christians that Catholics are not Christian, and while such a position may not be institutionalized in AFA, it definitely runs through the minds of some of its employees. Why people feel the need to seek approval of their Christianity from fellow men is beyond me.

…Obviously, nobody can determine if a person is Christian enough-the last time I checked, such a decision belonged to a higher power.

It’s no surprise to see that Muslims are painted with a terror-alert brush by the fear-mongering AFA.

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