Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of the London bombings

Two years ago yesterday, London suffered a horrible series of suicide bombings on a bus and three underground trains in 2005. I was in Scotland that morning, at the airport waiting for a flight to London as the bombings occurred. We eventually made it to London later that day and went out with a local friend we’d made on the flight over from the US. It was really amazing to see how many people were out and about, eating at sidewalk cafes, walking in the park (we saw Michael Stipe strolling with friends), and even using the trains, the day they’d suffered a paralyzing, horrifying terrorist attack. I could only imagine any town in the US the day a bus and three trains were blown up. No one would be on the streets anywhere, and certainly not back on the trains the same day (not that I’d blame us).

Here are a few photos of that rather bizarre evening I took a gorgeous stroll through London. We walked by Buckingham Palace at around midnight and there was one cop – one – guarding the place, at least in public view. Yes I’m sure there were more hidden, but do you really think you’d find just one cop in front of the White House after an attack here? These guys truly are amazing.

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