Romney thinks Libby commutation was “reasonable”

Remember, this is the man who as governor of Massachusetts did not issue one single pardon, including from an Iraq war vet who as a young kid shot another with a BB gun which hardly broke skin, yet despite his efforts to move on from the mistake and serve the US with honor, Romney saw no reason at all to reflect those changes and held firm in his belief that this war vet was definitely a criminal for life and should be labeled as such. Whether this is a characteristic of his Mormon beliefs or just a Romney being inflexible and stubborn is hard to say because while he wants to talk about his all-so-important beliefs without telling America what exactly that means or what they are and then goes crazy if anyone talks about Mormonism.

Such inability to bend comes as no surprise since this is a man who cruelly strapped his family dog in a cage on the roof of his car for a twelve hour road trip, showing no mercy for the dog who was unable to control itself over the long journey and then robotically hosed down the messy car and carried on.

If only that soldier had been important enough in right wing circles, but hey, the guy only went to Iraq to fight for his country while Libby was back home exposing CIA agents for political gain. Romney consistently shows he’s a man who is so desperate to win he will say just about anything. He’s also a man who can easily brag about showing no mercy to anyone. Except now, Libby.

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