Harriet Miers may finally get her hearing on the Hill

Oh sure, George Bush is invoking executive privilege. And, yes, it’s not quite the Supreme Court nomination hearing she once expected, but Harriet Miers may finally end up at a Hill hearing. She probably won’t be saying much, besides invoking the Fifth amendment, but she has to be there — as does Karl Rove’s aide, Sara Taylor:

Democrats involved with the two Hill investigations into the firing of the federal prosecutors are insisting that former White House aides Sara Taylor and Harriet Miers show up as requested this week at hearings — regardless of today’s claim of executive privilege.Their arguments can be summarized like this:

— The subpoena requires two things: 1) to show up and 2) to testify. Invoking privilege does not excuse a subpoenaed witness from appearing. The House Judiciary is telling Miers to show up no matter what, and they are proceeding as if she will. She is due before House Judiciary Committee on Thursday. Taylor was summoned to appear Wednesday before the Senate committee.

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