Gonzales and the endless corruption of this administration

The headlines speak for themselves…

Democrats ask for perjury investigation of Attorney General Gonzales

FBI director contradicts Gonzales’s testimony

Democrats call for special prosecutor, subpoena Rove in U.S. attorney matter

I’m trying to figure out how screwed over matters have to get in Washington before people wake up and see how the country was stolen out from beneath them by this administation, which is rife with pathological dissemblers who believe they are above the law. Look at this exchange in the Gonzales hearing (h/t Liberty Street). Gonzo simply refused to answer a question to him posed by Chuck Schumer.


Josh Marshall has been opposed to impeachment, but he’s giving it a hard look now; he wrote about the dustup in his post, “Gonzales to Schumer: Blow Me“:

[T]estifying before Congress is like testifying in a court of law. The questions aren’t voluntary. You have to answer every one. You can invoke a privilege and the court’s will decide whether the argument has merit. But no one can simply decline to answer a question. And yet this is exactly what Gonzales did.

Melissa McEwan was ready for the “I” trigger the other day:

Gonzo’s testimony yesterday was just completely absurd. He is a liar and a toadie who cannot be remotely trusted. This man fills the highest law enforcement job in the nation, and he can’t even be relied upon to tell the truth in front of Congress. That Bush won’t fire his ass should tell us everything we need to know about the president and his corrupt administration — and should itself be grounds for impeachment. I quite honestly cannot believe we continue to allow this band of mendacious miscreants to run our country.

And Jeff Fecke at Shakes Sis:

Ideally, the president would ask for Gonzales’s resignation. Indeed, I would imagine that 42 other presidents would have fired Gonzales by now, but of course, Bush is the exception that proves the rule. With the president unwilling to actually deal with the incompetent, deceitful nincompoop that he’s installed at the head of our nation’s justice department, congress must act to preserve the rule of law and respect for our nation’s democratic institutions. It is not a political calculation that should drive this; had Bill Clinton lied under oath demonstrably and directly to congress I would have been hard-pressed to argue against impeachment. That is precisely what Alberto Gonzales has done, and precisely why congress must move with all deliberate speed to remove him.

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