Senate Democrats pass energy reform despite GOP efforts

The GOP continues to coddle and protect their friends in Big Oil who are always open to a free ride on the backs of the American middle class consumer. Senate Democrats continue pressing forward with dragging the GOP, Big Auto and the oil industry into the modern world, succeeding to increase the average fleet mileage for the first time in 20 years and starting the process of changing our energy policies. The GOP did succeed in defeating a tax increase for Big Oil, once again choosing to prop up the best interest of the oil industry over average Americans who are already suffering with earnings problems and increases in daily expenses for food and gas.

Bush meanwhile is asking that Congress is “realistic” about an energy policy. For non-CEO Americans, getting serious about energy is in fact realistic and a plan for the future. Ignoring the problem and throwing corporate welfare to Big Oil and the automobile industry is not helping the vast majority of Americans who want change, who want to move beyond the best interests of Big Oil and who would like choices with cars. Just because Detroit, Big Oil and the GOP want something doesn’t mean 300 million people have to follow.

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