New Orleans deaths up 47% post-Katrina

Let’s not forget that the Republican “limited government” ideology lost an entire American city. George Bush went on vacation when he knew Katrina was coming, and he stayed on vacation for three days after Katrina hit. Cheney was off shopping for a mansion. While Condi was busy buying thousand dollar shoes in NYC. Bush then put Karl Rove, his chief political adviser, in charge of post-Katrina reconstruction. The GOP congress refused to get involved, or to provide oversight after the fact – remember, they even opposed an independent commission to find out what went wrong. We trusted in the Republicans and their vision of limited government, and it lost us an entire American city. Never forget that fact.

Let’s revisit Katrina and just what Bush and the Republicans did.

Bush administration loses nearly $1 billion in Katrina aid

AP documents the failures of Bush to keep his promises after Katrina

You can check out our coverage from the first few days of Katrina here. It’s horrifying.

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