Lots of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” news

As you know, the GOP presidential candidates discussed the military’s anti-gay policy last night – they kick out the gays. All the Republicans support keeping the ban, and many of them made it clear last night that they don’t even understand what the current policy is. (All the Democratic presidential candidates favor lifting the ban.) Well, concurrent with that, there’s increased chatter about the need to reconsider lifting the ban now that Bush has broken the Army, and at the same time, now that we still don’t have enough Arabic-speaking men and women in our military at the same time that Bush continues to kick out the ones we have, risking another September 11 slipping through our fingers.

Here are some updates.

Antonio Agnone, a former officer in the US Marine Corps who served in Iraq – Antonio’s job was finding and destroying IEDs, those roadside bombs that have been killing our troops because the military brass didn’t want to spend the money on IED proof vehicles (true story) – does a video response to the GOP presidential candidates who dissed him and tens of thousands of other gay troops last night. Per HRC, Antonio is also announcing a new tour of duty?

Agnone will join other veterans on June 12 in Des Moines, Iowa to kick off the Human Rights Campaign’s national “A Legacy of Service” tour to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” The tour will also feature former Marine Staff Sgt. Eric Alva, the first American servicemember wounded in Iraq, and many other American heroes standing united and speaking out for the repeal of this discriminatory policy that continues to harm our nation’s security.

You can read the transcript here.


More on Antonio here via TowleRoad.

And even more on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell via ABC’s blog.

And one more from Marc Ambinder at the Atlantic Online.

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