GOP Senators block vote on Gonzales “no confidence” motion

The Senate just voted to prevent further action on S J Res 14, the “no confidence in Alberto Gonzales” resolution. The vote was 53 – 38, with one voting present. 60 votes were needed to proceed to a vote on the actual resolution. So, while this wasn’t the actual vote, this was a resounding and humiliating vote for Bush and Gonzales. Looks like he lost every Democrat and several Republicans, including Specter (PA), Collins (ME), Snowe (ME), Coleman (MN), Smith (OR), Hagel (NE) and Sununu (NH). Lieberman, the last Senator to vote, sided with Bush, of course. Ted Stevens (AK) voted present.

The GOP used a procedural gimmick to block the resolution — that’s basically a filibuster. They’ve become unbelievable obstructionists. If the Republican Senators want to spend all their time doing George Bush’s dirty work, so be it.

In his floor statement during the debate, the Senate Majority Leader said Gonzales must go:

Time and time again, Alberto Gonzales has proven beyond a doubt his incompetence, misjudgment and lack of independence. He is profoundly unworthy to hold one of the highest and most important offices in the land. I urge my colleagues to support this resolution reflecting the facts before us. I urge Attorney General Gonzales to resign his office to allow America the chance to recover from his catastrophic tenure. If he does not, I urge President Bush to finally remove him.

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