GOP debate open thread

JOE’S COMMENTARY:So, it seems like these loyal Republicans aren’t so loyal to their President. They’ve either kicked Bush around directly…or indirectly in lots of their answers. Now, of course, it’s easy to kick around Bush. But these clowns have spent the past 6 1/2 years enabling the failed Bush Presidency.

Okay, you had to be asked about evolution because you don’t believe in evolution, you cretins.

These Republicans do love a good immigrant-bashing. And, how many times can Rudy say “September 11th.” He only looked good that day because Bush was no where to be found.

Hey Huckabee, if you’re going to invoke Reagan on his “birthday,” get his birthday right. It’s February 6th, not June 5th. He died on June 5th.

This is already painful. They’re all trying to out-tough each other. Bottom line is that Bush’s foreign policy — especially the Iraq war — are disasters. Those clowns on the stage enabled him — no matter how tough they are pretending to be.

JOHN’S COMMENTARY:McCain says some of the “sacdrifices” our soldiers made – i.e., their lives – were “unnecessary.” Really, which ones?

Yikes, Tommy Thompson slams Bush – “I certainly wouldn’t send him to the United Nations,” Thompson said in response to how he’d use Bush in his administration. The audience responded with dead silence.

Gays in the military (like this is a real tough issue for the GOP, talk about softball). Ron Paul, libertarian, says it’s okay to ban gays. Then he said that we shouldn’t be treating gays differently. Totally contradicted himself. Huckabee says that it’s all about conduct, not attitude – implying that gays can serve so long as they don’t have sex – that’s not true. “You don’t punish them for their attitudes, you punish them for their behavior if it’s a problem.” Giuliani asked about gay Arabic-speaking-military-linguists being fired even though we have a shortage of such linguists. This is not the time to deal with disruptive issues like this, says Giuliani. (What time would be better Rudy, after the next September 11 hits, we’re all dead, and we didn’t translate the warning we had intercepted in advance, just like what happened last time?) Romney asked about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and how he supported gays serving openly in 1994. Surprise, Romney thinks Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is working GREAT, he supports it now! What a flip-flopping liar. McCain, we have the best trained, most wonderful military in the history of this country and I’m proud of everyone one of them (GAG ALERT). I have to rely on the military leaders. It would be a terrific mistake to even reopen the issue, it’s working, the policy is working. (Uh, actually, it’s not working – we don’t have enough Arab-speaking translators and you kicked them out.)

Giuliani thinks it’s outrageous that we’re buying oil from countries who are our enemies. He means Venezuela. The same Venezuela his firm worked for.

Good God, no pun intended. It’s yet another buzzword slogan fest from the Republicans. Did you know God loves you? Not sure how that’s going to help with Al Qaeda or the housing slump, but be assured that God loves you. These guys are a real trip.

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