Global warming faster than predicted

Forget about playing nice with Bush at the G8 summit, his proposed goals are a waste of time and more reheated week old leftovers. The world needs action now and this new study by the US National Academy of Sciences raises some very serious issues.

Global warming is accelerating three times more quickly than feared, a series of startling, authoritative studies has revealed.

They have found that emissions of carbon dioxide have been rising at thrice the rate in the 1990s. The Arctic ice cap is melting three times as fast – and the seas are rising twice as rapidly – as had been predicted.

News of the studies – which are bound to lead to calls for even tougher anti-pollution measures than have yet been contemplated – comes as the leaders of the world’s most powerful nations prepare for the most crucial meeting yet on tackling climate change.

Meanwhile new GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson finds climate change to be a real laugh-a-minute.

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