Bush vetoes stem cell bill

Bush and his advisers have chosen to define his remaining year and a half of his presidency as “saying no” to the Democrats, and to the American people. (And in fact, the Republicans on the Hill have done the same – they consistently filibuster everything.) They have no plan for the nation, they have no vision for the future. Rather than figure out a new course for the country, Bush and the GOP will simply say “no” until his time runs out. We’ve seen this with Iraq, and every other issue they’ve ever touched. They don’t feel the need to compromise, they don’t feel the need to talk or consult with anyone. They don’t even feel the need to obey the law. They do what they want, even if the overwhelming majority of the American people have had enough (the Terri Schiavo fiasco wasn’t an exception, it was the rule). The only good thing to come from this travesty is that Republicans in Congress will yet again be forced to defend Bush’s veto, they will yet again be forced to choose whether they side with Bush or the American people. And the more of these votes we have, the more the American people will hold the Republicans responsible at the ballot box, yet again.

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